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About Us


Avg to Alpha was founded in January 2016 as an idea of a vision that still had not surfaced or manifested itself into a complete vision. It was a... growing idea. As the first few months passed after the brand was born into this world, there was still no true sense of direction. No true mission when you thought of the brand. But under the thick surface of the unknown was a definite vision yet to be uncovered.

Through the trials and tribulations Avg to Alpha endured while still searching for a clear answer to our vision - we believe we have finally just scratched the surface. Just like the growth we aspire to inspire – we are growing as a brand and we want you to be a part of it.

Help forge us.

Our Vision


Our vision is to grow Avg to Alpha into a brand that unequivocally inspires mental and physical wellness that promotes selfless growth while also growing the community surrounding it. To also focus on making a difference in the Veteran community by not only giving monetary donations but by providing real world solutions that will change lives.

There is too much darkness in the world, and through this new alpha pack, this new family, we hope to build a stronger and close-knit community that stretches much further than our own physical reach.

Our Mission


Avg to Alpha seeks to create and promote a growth mentality also known as an “Alpha Mentality”. We strive to inspire you to continue to seek your own growth and spread this mentality to those around you. With the majority of our staff being military veterans, we strongly believe in giving back to the veteran community by giving back to Veteran Charities. Using our resources, we also help Veterans find work in states such as California, Nevada, and Utah through organizations such as Work for Warriors.

We strive to promote and grow your Alpha Mentality in your day-to-day routine by being the best version of yourself, helping those around you, and giving back.

Steel sharpens steel.

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