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Avg to Alpha was created through an idea of the lifestyle I've always lived by.
I was born into a (loving) family who had nothing, and through the years became the kind of family you saw on television. The boring family that goes to church together every Sunday while the children dreaded those two hours listening to someone talking about something these children did not understand. The boring and happy family that ate dinner together every night. Celebrated the holiday's together, especially Christmas -- a holiday for the child's mind to truly wander and project their innocence of the world through this holiday because of their belief in a fairy tale bearded man who brings you gift if you're good.

That lasted until I was about 9 when the world decided it was about that time to shatter this fantasy of a lifestyle that had no darkness surrounding it. Or maybe it was my innocent mindset, that the world was free of heartache and sadness, that was shattered.

Then growing up wasn't so boring anymore -- it was unbearable. It was hard. The reason and the "path" was hard to see a lot of the time. And you can imagine a boy now 10 or 11 years old trying to sort this out. 11 years old I started thinking of ways to get myself out of the hardships financially to provide for a family who became so broken and bankrupt of not only finances, but of love. I was growing up by myself mentally at this point. Had to grow up emotionally, alone, and with no guidance. Found protection through anger and lashed out at anything good that came my way, not because I hated the beautiful things this life had to offer -- but to protect myself from the pain this life had to offer.

For a time I wandered this world not really knowing where I was headed, and the outcome that was going to be my life. And to be honest, the entire time I didn't really care. The only thing in my mind was: "What will give me the will to even want to wake up tomorrow?"

You can imagine how dark this path began to be..

One day I woke up and realized how sorry I felt for myself. How sorry I probably looked to everybody. And I decided I was tired of it. I was tired of letting this life's worry control my life. Controlling who I was becoming. And when I looked in the mirror I was tired of looking at those blank eyes that stared right back.

Without really knowing much, I enlisted into the Marine Corps.

Nobody in my family is of the military background -- so I wasn't really sure what I was getting myself into, but I did know - anything I do is better than what I'm doing now. At least this way the military will set me right. So why not join the hardest branch and pick a hard ass job?

Boot camp broke me down of all of my fears and I was able to see the road I was meant to be on again. It was in that moment when I ran up the last hill on "The Reaper" and war cried until I almost got a hernia, where my "Alpha" mentality resurfaced. Because I knew I could finally earn something that nobody could ever take away from me. Something good nobody could ever take from me again. It was mine. And mine forever.

Since that moment and through the trials of life I have become the man I am today.

Through the pain and heartache I've endured, Avg to Alpha was born.

We all come from different backgrounds.
We all had different upbringings.
and we've all felt different levels of heart ache.
But the thing we have in common is: We are still here.

We have found a flame within ourselves that woke us up this morning. And to look forward to the next.

The reason why Avg to Alpha is a movement is because I want to remind everyone the strength they have, and the fire burning there in your hearts. The "Alpha" mentality that you have bred and nurtured through these years, that you may not even realize is there. Just waiting for you to release it into this world -- to be best version of yourself.

I want us to gather as a "pack" and let this Alpha mentality rise. I want YOU to remind someone else of this Alpha mentality they might not see in themselves; to entice and challenge others to allow their inner Alpha to surface.

We are so much more than the world thinks we are.
We are so much more than we think we can even be.
Help me spread this movement.
Help those who may have forgotten their reason.
Help remind them who they truly are.
& help remind them what they are capable of.
from Avg to Alpha.
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